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Love: the Biggest Investment You Will Ever Make


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. This is a special day for some of us. It could mark the start of an exciting contractual arrangement to co-invest in each other’s labour productivity and future financial security. It could result in significant future stream of ongoing financial commitments such as mortgage repayments and educating and caring for children. Hopefully, you have thought of all of this as you checked out that hot guy/girl in real life or Tinder. As the passion wears off, you may want to consider conducting a rigorous due diligence process to assess if that person you have nicknamed ‘Snookie’ would be the ideal investment partner in your home, retirement and children. Also, you would want to assess if you would have economic complementarities that can allow both of you to smooth out economic uncertainty such as unemployment, starting new business ventures or looking after your parents. If you’re still not convinced on the value of due diligence, maybe just being happier will make you scrutinise your potential life partner a bit more closely. This article will explain some economic and financial concepts that will be useful in implementing your due diligence. Happy Valentine’s Day!