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Barefoot Economic Services is a boutique economic consultancy service that aims to help clients who want to improve the impact of their work. Our approach is to thoroughly understand what a client seeks to achieve, relate to economic analysis and then analyse options to improve the organisation’s impact. We adopt a outcome-oriented approach to delivering economic analysis for our clients. Barefoot Economic Services’ approach can be summarised as:

  • Understanding the problem you face
  • Analyse using economic methods
  • Offer solutions to improve your impact.

Barefoot Economic Services has extensive experience in using economic analysis to improve impact. We are skilled in quantitative and qualitative economic analysis, such as:

  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Evaluation of projects and policies
  • Financial analysis
  • Econometric and statistical analysis
  • Design of incentives, strategies, markets and policies
  • Strategic analysis using game theory.

Barefoot Economic Services can provide the analysis in a format that best suits your organisation’s needs. Analysis can be provided verbally or in written form. We deliver our advice in a Frank, Fearless and Down-to-Earth manner because we respect the difficult task of improving an organisation’s impact.

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