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Introduction to Barefoot Economist Services

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Barefoot Economic Services is a new type of consulting firm that seeks to develop a long-term relationship with small companies and not-for profits to improve their effectiveness. It seeks to fill a gap in the market that economic consulting firms have ignored. Barefoot Economic Services is of the belief that growth and innovation is greatest amongst smaller firms. We also believe, that collectively, the greatest potential for change and impact will come from small firms.

Barefoot Economic Services’ mission is to help small Australian companies and non-profits to improve their impact.

Barefoot Economic Services adopts an incentive approach to economics and strategy. What this means is that we use game theoretical concepts to analyse how a proposed strategy or policy affects the way your organisation delivers impact. For example, a non-profit may want to examine if the best way to reduce disadvantage is to provide conditional or unconditional assistance. Barefoot Economic Services can help such organisations develop positive incentives that can increase the effectiveness of such an aid program by analysing how it can influence impact.

Barefoot Economic Services’ incentive approach builds on our quantitative capabilities in data analysis to help design your strategy. Data is crucial for an organisation to make decisions with impact. While, data is not the only input into decision-making, the absence of data could lead to decisions based on subjective judgement, prejudice and emotion which would maximise the chances of failure. Data and evidence also has a useful ‘incentive-alignment’ effect by reducing the scope for poor decision-making. Barefoot Economic Services can help in the analysis of data and also the establishment of a data collection system that can align your organisation to maximising impact.

Our analysis may not what you may want to hear at that time or ever. While we will do our best to provide the advice in a diplomatic manner, inevitably some advice may have to be delivered in a Frank, Fearless and Down-to-Earth manner. Ultimately, we want to align our objectives with your organisation’s goals, and that may mean discussing some sacred cows for your organisations if you are genuine about improving your impact. It is a two-way street, we would be appreciative if you have constructive feedback.

Finally, we have an educational aim with this website. Through blogging, we intend to highlight how incentives influence economic, social and environmental outcomes. Topics could include innovative new financial products that align social with financial returns such as Social Impact Bonds. Policy proposals to reduce disadvantage. Book reviews and interviews with people trying to make a difference. The blog topics will also cover agricultural and sustainability issues given my background and experience in these fields. Many of the topics may not be headline issues of the day but are important to know because of the scale of their impact. Please sign up to keep up to date with new articles and news of Barefoot Economic Services!